January 2011

“The thing happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright

I really believe this is very true for leaders. What we think about and dwell upon in our leadership roles will come to pass, with the proper actions to get us there.

In my experience, it does require us to act upon our most fundamental and strongest beliefs which should be the natural extension of those beliefs. We should have the most passion and energy to actualize and operationalize those beliefs we hold most important. It helps align us physically with what is going on in our head. Too often, we let our greatest desires for the direction of our organizations go unfulfilled because we fail to make the time or commitment to actually move them into existence in our real world. We expect something to miraculously happen without the required actions to bring these beliefs to life.

As leaders, we must be intentional. Everything we do or don’t do says everything about us. Do our actions align with our true thoughts and the words we say? This is the essence of integrity: when what we think and say and do in concert with our fundamental leadership beliefs. When we do, we are aligned. We know it and those around us, our peers and our people know it. But, it takes intention and persistence application to run this course. But, whether we are a CEO of a multi-national organization, a front-line leader or an entreprenuer, the beliefs we want most to convey, start inside us. They grow as our belief in them grow and manifest in our words and, more importantly in our actions.

What do we really believe fundamentally as a leader? Do our people know? Alignment begins first within us as the leader and then can be integrated into our team with consistent words and actions on our part. Write down today what you truly believe and assess how well it is currently being transmitted by your words and actions into your organization. Your personal alignment and integrity are the foundation for becoming a successful leader. All credibility as a leader starts.


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