Visionary & Energizing Human Capital Entrepreneur & Leader  |  Strategic Talent Acquisition Solutions Guru

Highly accomplished, visionary, and results-driven executive with 20+ years of leadership success in creating effective, high impact talent acquisition solutions that deliver the best human capital to his clients. Builds can-do, high-performance cultures offering high integrity, passionate client service, and nimble and innovative solutions to critical, ever-changing talent challenges of domestic and global corporations. Accesses enormous network of human capital colleagues, partners, and clients. Enjoys well-earned reputation as strategic talent acquisition and human capital thought leader and guru. Demonstrates relentless drive for optimal results and has a consistent and outstanding track record of business, financial, and operational accomplishments. Inspires and energizes his organization as leader to authentically connect with superiors, peers, subordinates, and internal and external customers.


Visionary, Energizing & Connected Leader; Strategic Talent Mindset; Creative Problem Solver & Facilitator; Process Thinker & Continuous Improvement Mindset; Visual Management & Human Capital Metrics Expert; Adaptive Change Agent; Consensus Builder; Executive Coach


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